Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Measuring up!

Last Wednesday, I took the girls for their 2 and 4 year old appointments. I accidentally threw away the piece of paper that had their exact measurements, but I remember the percentages. Leigh is still measuring less than 20% (it's a little fuzzy down there to see where she exactly falls), but her weight makes up for her height and she weighs in at 75%! I just love baby fat! Sara Beth is very steady weighing in and standing tall around 60%!

Sara Beth got her shots for "big"school and it is something I will never forget! It took me and 2 nurses to hold her down so that the nurse could give her the shots. She was screaming, "mommy, why are you doing this to me?" One of the nurses said she thought it might have set a record! ha! She really has a major fear of shots---she also screamed her head off when (before the shots) she and Leigh got their finger stuck--(and that truly doesn't hurt much at all!) Leigh just looked at the nurse and tilted her head and said "bandaid"! Thanks goodness that we don't have anymore shots until she's 11-except for flu!

Just in case you are wondering--we are at 8 days and counting on the bandaids! Oh, the drama!


Anonymous said...

I knew SB was getting taller. Got a little Henson in her. Leigh will catch up.

Lance and DK said...

love the dresses! too cute. you and laura need to learn not to take both at the same time when it comes to shot time. too much drama. kakki