Sunday, February 28, 2010

Birthday Weekend!

Sara Beth has been looking forward to turning four for months. And today, she did! I can't believe my baby is four! She is such a joy! She loves to talk--almost all of her pronunciations are correct--but I love how she says "lemonlade"! She is into Fancy Nancy and loves to use big words like she does. She loves her babies and playing kitchen! She also asks us a lot, "are you teazin?".

We celebrated all weekend long. It started Thursday night when we decorated cupcakes for her class.
Leigh's birthday is in 10 days so this year we had one big party! (even though I swore I never would!) We had it at our family farm in Carthage. We had an absolutely beautiful day!

Leigh still is obsessed with horses. She kept saying, "me ride neigh more". I think Mom and Dad are going to hang this swing at their house for her.
All of her cousins were able to come! The girls have 7 cousins four years old and younger--so just the family is a big party!

Ari on the horse swing.
Wes is playing "round the animals into the barn".
All the cousins but 2--Bryson and Reed. Below--Wes, William, Alexandra, Arianna, Sara Beth, Katie, and Leigh

They had a lot of fun looking at two calves
Aunt Holly with Alexandra and Ari
Sara Beth and Bo Bo
EVERYONE went on the hayride!
The hayride tuckered Reed out and AuntSa was the lucky one to hold him!
I have made a point since SB was one to make her birthday cake. This year she wanted a cow cake.

And Leigh got a horse cake--(the cake itself was pioneer woman's chocolate cake-yummy!)

Dr. Tim was so kind to bring Eady down for the party. Here they are going into church.
I have a few more pictures to post tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures of two great birthdays!

Jen said...

What fun! I'm so glad Eady got to be there to celebrate. Happy Birthday SB. Can't believe it-4!

laura said...

How fun! It looks like y'all had a beautiful day, too. Wish the girls a happy birthday for us!

Anonymous said...

it was a wonderful day. we ALL had a great time. honey