Monday, March 2, 2009

Birthday Party Central

There have been 549 pictures taken on my camera over the last week. It will take me a while to go through them and pick out ones to post. These below may not even be the best ones.

After several hours of cooking on Thursday afternoon, I stepped back, looked around, and this is what I saw.... a complete mess!

This was the outcome of the mess: 3 cakes and 48 cupcakes! We celebrated both of the girls birthdays this weekend. Sara Beth turned 3 Saturday and Leigh will be one on March 11th. We had both parties on Saturday at our house so that all of our family would be able to be there. Sara Beth had a Pinkalicious Party and Leigh had a duck party. If you don't know the book Pinkalicious you need to find a copy to read.

Birthday tradition around our house is to have cake and ice cream and open presents for breakfast. Since cake and ice cream were on the menu for two times already on Saturday we decided to skip it for breakfast. Sara Beth did open her presents though.

The plan for her party was to rent a jumpy slide and for the kids to play in the backyard (we gave them a "park" in the backyard for their birthdays). Well, even though it had been 75 and sunny all week Saturday was freezing, windy, and cloudy so we had to go to plan B...The Garage!

I bought a bunch of playdough and all the accessories and the kids had fun playing with it.

Aunt Laura and SB making a lady out of playdough.
Daddy even got in on the whole pinkalicious theme!

I also bought black butcher paper from the teacher store and put it on the garage wall and gave them pink sidewalk chalk to draw with.

Also, they got to put pink sprinkles and dots on their cupcakes before they ate them.

Sara Beth blowing out her candles. She was so excited to have all of her friends sing Happy Birthday. It was her favorite part!


Aunt Sa said...

so cute anna! had so much fun this weekend and my precious nieces' birthdays.
love ya'll

The Cross Family said...

when did our kids grow up so fast. shouldn't we still be neighbors and they should be riding in the wagon together. the cakes look great!!

Anonymous said...

it was a great day. the cakes were precious, the girls were beautiful and fun and we certainly enjoyed the day. i know that it was a lot of work but -- the parties will be remembered(by some anyway) honey

Anonymous said...

Great photos of a great day!