Monday, February 2, 2009

We're Gonna Have to Get Smarter

Sara Beth is turning 3 ("On my birfday--Febrewawy tenty-ate!"), so we decided it's about time the pacis had to go--even our new best friend, Dr Green, agreed. We're really smart people (if you combine the two of us), so we came up with a full-proof plan. We were gonna break the pacis!! Brilliant!!

So I took most of her pacis and threw them out, but of the two that I left, I cut a whole in the nipple of one of the pacis. One night as Sara Beth was going to bed, we secretly gave her a "broken" paci.

Immediately after putting it in her mouth, she spit it out and said, "Daddy, it broked!"

"Oh well," Daddy responded. "I guess we'll have to throw it out."


"OK, well you're gonna have to sleep with a broken paci if you want one"


We hoped that the plan had worked and she would quickly disguard this broken paci. Unfortunately, she's smarter than us!! Next thing we know, we were awakened at 3 am with a cold hand to the face and a little voice whispering, "Daddy, I can't find my broken paci. Where is it?"

"Use your other one."

"NOOOOO! I want my broken paci!!"

Next thing you know, lights are on at 3 am and Daddy's looking for a "broken paci".

She wins!!

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Anonymous said...

she outsmarted you -again. it won't be the last! you need to save that paci for the baby book. honey