Friday, January 30, 2009

Leigh really is enjoying her pancake! She just would not cooperate and smile! Thank you God for answering the prayers of many and allowing Leigh to learn to use her tongue so that she can eat! We are so thankful that He opened doors for us to get in and see the doctors and therapists that we needed to around Christmas and that they were able to help us. Leigh is eating lots of "people" food now! She is able to eat yogurt and baby food with a spoon although it doesn't look exactly correct. We will work on that later when she can follow directions!

Two sweet neighbors, Molly and Natalie come over every now and then and play with the girls. Last weekend they had a tea party with water and nilla wafers!


Em and her BOYS!! said...

What fun neighbors!!! There couldn't be sweeter girls than Molly and Natalie!!

Lance and DK said...

glad to hear leigh has made progress with her eating. dk